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Kirk R. Pruhs
Kirk R. Pruhs Professor


Professor Pruhs received a BS degree (Mathematics and Computer Science, 1984) from Iowa State University and a PhD degree (Computer Science, 1989) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is on the editorial boards of Journal of Scheduling, INFORMS Journal of Computing, and ACM Transactions on Algorithms

Research Interests

Algorithmic problems related to green computing
Fair allocation
Resource management
And scheduling

Recent Publications

S. Im, B. Moseley, and K. Pruhs , "Stochastic Scheduling of Heavy-tailed Jobs," IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science , STACS 2015, Munich, Germany , March 2015.

R. Krishnaswamy, V. Nagarajan, K. Pruhs, and C. Stein, "Cluster Before you Hallucinate: Aproximating Node-Capacitated Network Design and Energy Efficient Routing," STOC 2014, pp. 1-22, New York, NY , June 2014.

S. Im, J. Kulkarnia, K. Munagala, and K. Pruhs, "SelfishMigrate: A Scalable Algorithm for Non-clairvoyantly Scheduling Heterogeneous Processors," Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2014), pp. 531-540, October 2014.

A. Antoniadis, N. Barcelo, M. Nugent, K. Pruhs and M. Scquizzato, "Complexity-theoretic Obstacles to Achieving Energy Savings with Near-threshold Computing," International Green Computing Conference (IGCC 2014) , pp. 1-8, Dallas, TX, November 2014.

S.Im, B. Moseley, K. Pruhs and E. Torng, "Competitively Scheduling Tasks with INtermediate Parrallelizability," SPAA 2014, pp. 22-29, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2014.