This certainly has been a difficult time and as a result, some of you may wish to take advantage of the S/NC grade option that Provost Cudd announced during the University of Pittsburgh’s switch to remote learning.

Below, you will find a brief outline the process that will be used by SCI for proceeding with this grading option, which is also summarized in this diagram.

In order to facilitate your making an informed decision, we would encourage you to:

  • Review guidelines related to the S/NC option that have been compiled by the Provost’s office
  • Reach out to the appropriate contact to discuss the implications of this decision
    • For undergraduate students: contact your advisor
    • For graduate students: contact your graduate administrator or program director
  • Contact OIS if you are an international student and have questions about how the S/NC option may impact your visa status

Please know that it is not too early to begin discussions with your program and/or OIS! In fact, the earlier that you speak with these people, the more time you will have to consider your options.

Beginning on May 5th, you may complete this survey to opt into the S/NC option for one or more of your classes. To complete this survey, you will need to provide the following information for each class that you wish to change to S/NC:

  • The Class Subject (e.g., CS, INFSCI, MATH)
  • The Class Catalog Number (e.g., 2710)
  • The 5-digit Class Number (or CRN number), which would be used in your shopping cart when registering
  • The Full Course Title
  • The Letter Grade Earned in the Course for Spring 2020

Completion of this survey will trigger an email to both you and a coordinator within your program.  You will be contacted via email once your request has been processed by your program, and grades will be posted by the Registrar’s office by May 14th, 2020.

Please note that you will only have one week to request this change.  We highly advise that you discuss your S/NC changes with your graduate administrator or program director no later than May 8th to ensure that there is sufficient time to process your request.