Available Opportunities

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Logo placement on Web site and customized social media postings
+++ ++
Outreach Events
Recognition of partnership at Outreach events
Priority Job Postings+++++
SCI Week
Invitation to attend SCI Week events
• Logo placement on materials
• Invitation to Diversity Panel and Networking Event
• Representatives serve on panel/host workshop
• Custom social media postings
• Two e-blasts to students
• Three e-blasts to students
• Premium logo placement on materials
Invitation to send mentors to annual Games4Health event. Logo on Web site and social media postings included
• Opportunity to distribute recruitment materials
• Company booth at event
• Opportunity to send recruiters to event
• Logo displayed on both t-shirts and posters
• Individual banners
• Access to Resume Book
• Host Industry Talk
• Opportunity to continue research and development with students
• Prizes named after your organization
She Innovates
Invitation to attend annual female-focused hackathon
• Small logo on promotional materials
• Name recognition in media release
• Medium logo on promotional materials
• Opportunity to distribute company recruiting materials
• Large logo on promotional products
• Two company-developed e-blasts to students
• Extra large logo on promotional products
• Three company-developed e-blasts to students
Steel Hacks
Invitation to send mentors to Steel Hacks event. Logo presence on Web site included.
• Booth, logo on banner and promotional products
• Distribution of company materials
• Host Tech Talk during event
• Access to Resume Book
• Serve as event speaker
• Individual banner display
• Keynote speaker role
• Recognition as major event sponsor
• Private interviews with students
Career Fairs
Invitation to attend SCI Career Fair
+Fee waived for SCI Career FairFee waived for SCI Career Fair and one other Pitt fair of your choiceFee waived for SCI Career Fair and two other Pitt fairs of your choiceFee waived for SCI Career Fair and three other Pitt fairs of your choice
Information Sessions++++
Tech Talks
Invitation to host Tech Talk held on campus
Spring TermSpring or Fall TermSpring and Fall Term
Additional Benefits• One exclusive Executive Breakfast Event
• One student Capstone project
• Invitation to WiCStart
• Two exclusive Executive Breakfast events
• Two student Capstone projects
• Speaker role at WiCStart
• Concierge support
• Representation on School's Industry Advisory Board

A portion of this gift may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor for all charitable donations.

Make all checks payable to “University of Pittsburgh” with “Memo: SCI Corporate Partnership Contribution” and send to: 5111 Sennott Square, 210 S. Bouquet Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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Benefit Summaries 


Hack-a-Thons are a great opportunity to increase your company’s brand recognition, and showcase your products and APIs. These events bring together hundreds of innovative young minds working collaboratively with industry to modify, and develop creative new ways to improve and push your innovations forward. These events feature speakers, tech talks, workshops, panels, and project creation. 


Hosted by the School of Computing and Information and open to any university student aged 18 or older in the region. This game jam attracts approximately 100 students from Pitt and surrounding schools.  Students come from a variety of backgrounds including programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and many more.

She Innovates 

Hosted by the School of Computing and Information, Pitt’s Innovation Institute, and the Pitt Women in Computer Science (WiCS) student organization this annual hackathon invites women from Pitt, CMU, and other surrounding universities to come together to learn, grow, hack and empower each other.  It is a weekend of ideation, programming, bonding and creation with mentors from industry and academia that attracts more than 150 students each year.   

Steel Hacks

This City of Pittsburgh premier Major League Hacking sanctioned hackathon hosted by the University of Pittsburgh attracts over 300 students from both undergrad and graduate programs from across the globe to celebrate innovation and creation. 


Logo Placement
Increase your brand recognition by having your logo included on various online platforms including school webpages with high student traffic and social media outlets. 

Custom Brand Messaging
Increase your brand recognition through customized digital displays located throughout facilities hosting students for classes and labs.   

Information Sessions

Hosted on weekday evenings these hour long events are a key component of a holistic on campus recruiting plan which provides you the opportunity to educate students on your company and career opportunities.  Our corporate relations and student services team will work with you to develop marketing materials, invite students, and manage event logistics. 

Tech Talks

These highly marketed and well-attended events attract students by offering specialized talks on areas of interest hosted by industry and followed with interactive Q&A and networking blocks. 

SCI Week

A week of professional development and academic events leading up to the SCI Career Fair.  Workshops are hosted by industry partners on topics included but not limited to resume reviews, technical interview prep, salary negotiation, internship vs. co-op, mock interviews, and social media presence.  In addition to professional development events an inclusion and diversity in the workplace panel and networking session will be hosted the morning of the SCI Career Fair. 

SCI Career Fair

A traditional career fair hosted by Pitt’s Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance exclusively for the students of the School of Computing and Information. The final hour of the fair will welcome students from across campus. Career fair fee waivers in addition to the SCI fair are available to Gold, Panther and Dean partners. These waivers are available for use at other University wide fairs including the engineering and humanities fairs during both fall and spring terms. 

Additional Benefits

Industry Advisory Board
This unique board functions as a subcommittee of the School’s Board of Visitors who directly advises the Dean of the School on topics around workforce development needs. 

Concierge Support
A dedicated staff member in place to meet all your on campus needs. 

Executive Breakfast
This exclusive event invites your executive to campus to provide a casual talk on your company and their career. Students are invited to this event based on company provided qualifications such as GPA, major, year in school and others. Small groups of 15-25 should be expected.   

Capstone Project
These are student teams ranging in groups from 3-6 students who will work on a project provided by the corporate partner for the entirety of the semester. Corporate partners will be expected to provide an advisor to engage on a regular basis with the students throughout the semester. Partners will receive all work at the end of the semester. The University has mechanisms in place to address projects, which may require NDA or IP agreements. 

Outreach Programs

These well-established programs are designed to provide the tools and skills to encourage students from traditionally underrepresented groups to pursue an education in Computer Science.  These programs enrich the community and enhance civic responsibility through education and service learning projects.  


This event is a week-long introduction to the field of computer science for middle school girls. Students will learn about hardware, operating systems, big data, web design, critical thinking, and programming with Scratch, Alice, and Java. Students will also learn about the benefits of being a CS student at Pitt and graduating with a CS degree and future career pathways. 

High School Academy 

This event is a two and a half week introduction to the field of computer science. Students will learn about such topics as hardware, operating systems, big data, web design, human/computer interaction, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, programming with Java and Python, and mobile application development. Students will also learn about the benefits of being a CS student at Pitt and graduating with a CS degree and future career pathways. 


Taking place the week before fall classes begin, this event is designed to introduce incoming undeclared women to computer science in a no-pressure, no-grades environment. WiCStart students will get a broad overview of various topics in computer science and hear stories, advice, and technical information from upperclassmen students in the Women in Computer Science (WiCS) student organization and professional women in industry.