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Computational Modeling and Simulation

NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Daniel BurrillEmail
Amanda DumiEmail
Cheng FangEmail
Elena KusevskaEmail
Julio Alexandre Ramos CainetaEmail

Computer Engineering

NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Judicael Briand Djoko TakougueEmail

Computer Science

NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Nathan AckermanEmail
Tazin AfrinEmailMachine learning; data mining; and natural language processing
Zhila AghajariEmail
Ishrat AhmedEmail
Rakan AlseghayerEmailBig data; time series analysis; database management systems; HPC; reliability; and information security
Tahereh ArabghaliziEmail
Matthew BarrenEmail
Maximillian BenderEmailLogic; functional analysis; and algorithmic analysis and complexity theory
Kadie ClancyEmail
Karin CoxEmail
Yue DaiEmail
Debarun DasEmail
Ekaterina DimitrovaEmail
Zhenjiang FanEmailStatistical machine learning; data analytics; causal discovery and inference; and data analysis applications
Kenrick FernandesEmailParallel and distributed graph data analytics
Debashis GangulyEmailOperating Systems and Runtime; High-Performance Computing; and Distributed ComputingPersonal Web site
Xiaoyu GeEmailData management and data exploration
Nicholas GordonEmail
Meiqi GuoEmail
Wei GuoEmailHuman-computer interaction and design theory
Mohammad Hasanzadeh MofradEmail
Narges Honarvar NazariEmail
Zaeem HussainEmail
Pranut JainEmail
Evangelos KarageorgosEmail
Maher KhanEmail
Ajesh Koyatan ChathothEmail
Longhao LiEmailRemote healthcare; context-aware; artificial intelligence; and machine learningPersonal Web site
Xiaoting LiEmail
Chenran LiEmail
Xiaoyu LiangEmailMachine learning and network security
Changsheng LiuEmailMachine learning; artificial intelligence; and natural language processing
Siqi LiuEmailData mining; big data; social media analysis; machine learning; and computer visionPersonal Web site
Luca LuginiEmailMachine learning; data mining; artificial intelligence; and biometrics
Zhipeng LuoEmailComputer and society; artificial intelligence; and algorithms
Ahmed MagoodaEmail
Seyedsalim MalakoutiEmail
Nils Ever Murrugarra LlerenaEmailComputer vision; machine learning; and natural language processing
Daniel PetrovEmailBig data; data streams; time series and multi-dimensional time series analysis; database management systems; privacy and securityPersonal Web site
Henrique PotterEmailInformation systems (business informatics); software engineering; and information science
Mehrnoosh RaoufiEmail
Alireza Samadian ZakariaEmail
Sanchayan SarkarEmail
Anatoli SheinEmailDatabase and data stream management systems; data intensive systems; self-managing systems; distributed systems; and cloud computing
Ravneet SinghEmail
Sumedha SinglaEmailMedical image processing; pattern recognition; and computational geometry
Cory ThomaEmailPersonal Web site
Christopher ThomasEmailConfidential elastic processing of data streams
Mesut Erhan UnalEmail
Wenchen WangEmailReal-time systems; fault-tolerant systems; and wireless sensor networksPersonal Web site
Nannan WenEmail
Yanbing XueEmail
Keren YeEmail
Mingzhi YuEmail
Marian ZakiEmail
Haoran ZhangEmailNatural language processing; machine learning and its applications in natural language processing and educationPersonal Web site
Xiaozhong ZhangEmail
Chi ZhangEmailCode update strategies on IoT devicesPersonal Web site
Mingda ZhangEmailComputer vision; natural language processing; and machine learningPersonal Web site
Ziyu ZhangEmail
Lei ZhaoEmailEmerging memory technology and accelerators for neural networksPersonal Web site
Hanzhong ZhengEmail
Jinpeng ZhouEmail

Information Science

NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Kamil AkhuseyinogluEmail
Maryam AldairiEmail
Turki AleneziEmail
Mohammed AlharbiEmail
Shadi Al-KhateebEmailHeterogeneous information integration and data fusion; parallel and distributed computing; and computer networks
Faris AlotibiEmail
Yongsu AnEmail
Nuray Baltaci AkhuseyinogluEmailAccess Control; malware detection; machine learning; and data mining
Jordan Barria-PinedaEmailInformation visualization; adaptive information systems; and human-computer interaction
Kim ChauEmailIntelligent tutoring systems; personalized e-learning; educational data mining; user modeling; and information retrievalPersonal Web site
Sara DaraeiEmail Social computing; online communities; health informatics; and crowdsourcing
Pedram GharaniEmailGeoinformatics; location based services; image processing and computer Vision; spatial statisticsPersonal Web site
Hadi HajariEmailSpatial databases; spatio-temporal data mining; GIS; and natural language processingPersonal Web site
Seyed Saeed Haji Seyed JavadiEmailSocial network analysis; spatial-temporal data mining; data visualization; and machine learning
Leila KarimiEmailInformation assurance; information security; access control; and privacy
Marcin KozniewskiEmailBayesian networks; decision support systems; machine learning; and ensemble learningPersonal Web site
Jidapa KraisangkaEmailData analytics and data mining; clinical decision support system; and data visualizationPersonal Web site
Ang LiEmailOnline communities and social computingPersonal Web site
Rui MengEmail
Yue QinEmail
Behman RahdariEmail
Kuheli SaiEmailDistributed Systems with a focus on Blockchain.
Meirman SyzdykbayevEmail
Xian TengEmailAnomaly detection; social network analysis; data science; and network sciencePersonal Web site
Chun-Hua TsaiEmailData mining; data visualization; link prediction for social networks; social media analysis; and recommender systemsPersonal Web site
Tiantong WangEmail
Zhendong WangEmail
Xidao WenEmailData science; recommendation system; and social network analysis
Jiawei XuEmail
Runhua XuEmailInformation assurance; access control; data security and privacy; insider threat.Personal Web site
Jinlai XuEmailDistributed systems; fog/edge and cloud computing; and computer vision and roboticsPersonal Web site
Muheng YanEmail
Fan YangEmailDatabases; data management and integration; and data fusion
Danchen ZhangEmailInformation retrieval; expert finding; exploratory search; relevance feedback; and hash indexingPersonal Web site
Sanqiang ZhaoEmailInformation retrieval; recommender system; natural language processing; data mining; and machine learning
Keyang ZhengEmail

Intelligent Systems

NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Bryan AndrewsEmailMachine Learning and causal discoveryPersonal Web site
Jaya Balaji BalasubramanianEmailBiomedical informaticsPersonal Web site
Saba DadsetanEmail
Yaohan DingEmail
Mahbaneh Eshaghzadeh TorbatiEmail
Fattaneh JabbariEmailMachine learning and pattern recognition; speech technology; and statistical natural language processing
Omid KashefiEmailNatural language processing; multi-lingual and cross-Lingual NLP; and high performance distributed computingPersonal Web site
Giacomo NebbiaEmailAI applied to the clinical practice and clinical decision support systemsPersonal Web site
Zahra RahimiEmailNatural language processing; spoken dialogue systems; and machine learningPersonal Web site
Javad RahimikolluEmail
Shuangxia RenEmail
Jaromir SavelkaEmailArtificial Intelligence and law; legal information retrieval; automatic legal documents drafting; and knowledge representationPersonal Web site
Deniz Sonmex UnalEmail
Mohammadamin TajgardoonEmailOntology-based information retrieval
Khushboo ThakerEmailBiomedical informatics and translational bioinformaticsPersonal Web site
Gaurav TrivediEmailIntelligent interfaces; human-computer interaction; and biomedical informaticsPersonal Web site
Huihui XuEmail
Diyang XueEmailMedical informatics; clinical decision support; and machine learningPersonal Web site
Jonathan YoungEmailDeep learning and bioinformaticsPersonal Web site
Ke YuEmail

Library and Information Science

NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Yu ChiEmailInformation seeking behavior; exploratory search; and web analytics
Chelsea GunnEmailArchives and collective memory; critical computing; diaries and personal record-keeping practices; digital humanities; and digital preservationPersonal Web site
S.E. HackneyEmailDigital humanities; replication of identity through documentation and best practices; online communities; knowledge creation; and pseudo-academic communitiesPersonal Web site
Rongqian MaEmail
Jane Nelson ThalerEmail
Zoe PickardEmail
Aisling QuigleyEmailDigital humanities; mobile technologies within museums; and narrative construction in exhibition structurePersonal Web site
Fanghui XiaoEmailInformation seeking; problem solving; knowledge management; and data management
Ning ZouEmail


NameEmailResearch InterestsPersonal Web site
Ayman Abdel-HamidEmailWireless network virtualization; dynamic spectrum access; and spectrum fungibility
Abdulaziz AlqahtaniEmailNew generation of the LTE and smart cities
Usman AnjumEmail5G cellular network and the development of cellular standard
Pedro BustamanteEmail
Maryam KarimiEmailSoftware Defined Networks; wireless networks; network security; artificial intelligence; and machine learningPersonal Web site
Chao LiEmailData security and privacy; location privacy; IoT privacy; social network privacy; and differential privacyPersonal Web site
Xin LiuEmail
Akshay MadanEmail
Amer MalkiEmailWireless Networks; dynamic spectrum access (DSA); and the policy enforcement and economics of spectrum in the telecommunication industryPersonal Web site
J. Stephanie RoseEmailWireless networks; network analysis; radio spectrum policy development; and automated enforcement for radio spectrum.Personal Web site
Alekhya VelagapudiEmail
XerandyEmailCommunication engineering; electrical engineering; and telecommunications engineering