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Nicholas L. Farnan
Nicholas L. Farnan Lecturer
Sennott Square 6313 412-624-8401

Recent Publications

N. Farnan, A. Lee, P. Chrysanthis, and T. Yu., "Preference-Aware Query Optimization for Decentralized Database Systems," 12th Hellenic Data Management Symposium, pp. 424-435, Athens, Greece, July 2014.

N. R. Ong, S. E. Rojcewicz, N. L. Farnan, A. J. Lee, P. K. Chrysanthis, T. Yu, "PAQO: Interactive Preference-Aware Query Optimization," ICDE Conference, pp. 424-435, Sun City, South Africa, April 2015.

N. Farnan, A. Lee, P. Chrysanthis, T. Yu, "(I, A)-Privacy: Locally-Enforceable Querier Privacy for Distributed Databases," VLDB Journal , 2015.