University of Pittsburgh Financial Aid Options

University scholarships and other forms of student aid are awarded annually to entering students and to qualified upper-class students. In order to learn more about such aid, please see the Financial Aid Home Page.

Financial Aid and Assistance

Different financial support opportunities exist in each of the degree programs at the School of Computing and Information. Each program is responsible for awarding aid.

Priority is given to U.S. citizens in evaluating financial support applications.

All international students are expected to come fully funded for their entire degree program and any advanced study they may do in a certificate program or in a second degree program. Scholarships and/or assistantships are, in rare cases, awarded to international students based on availability of scholarship funds, faculty members’ research funds, etc.

Undergraduate Students

Financial Aid for the School of Computing and Information undergraduate programs is administered by the University of Pittsburgh. Find out more about the University’s undergraduate financial aid.

There are additional funding opportunities available to undergraduate students.

Computer Science Resource Center (CRC)

The objective of the Computer Science Resource Center is to provide tutoring services to undergraduates taking computer science courses at Pitt. The CRC is staffed at the beginning of each term. Peer Tutors assist students enrolled in lower-level programming classes. The CRC is for students who need help with CS 0004, CS 0007, CS 0008, CS 0134, CS 0334, CS 0401, CS 0441, CS 0445, CS 0447 and CS 0449. We seek students who enjoy working with and helping others and who have performed well in the CS core courses (CS 0401, CS 0441, CS 0445, CS 0447 and CS 0449).

Work hours are scheduled around your availability.

The CRC is generally open during business hours; however students have requested more evening and weekend hours. “On Call” hours may also be available.

Undergraduate computer science or computer engineering majors who have completed the CS 400 level core courses and are interested in becoming a Peer Tutor may obtain additional information from 6119 Sennott Square.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The School of Computing and Information has started to hire qualified undergraduate students, on a selective basis, to help with its teaching mission. Candidates for these positions are occasionally contacted by a member of the faculty.

SCI is now hiring undergraduate teaching assistants to help with CS 0004, CS 0007, CS 0008, and CS 0401. TA positions are listed under Pitt Source, search “Student” under job category.

Undergraduate Researcher

Occasionally, faculty involved with research hire undergraduates to assist them with research projects. The students selected for these projects have typically performed very well in several upper-level classes. Advertisements for these positions are found posted in Sennott Square or are announced in class. Please contact faculty members directly regarding research opportunities with SCI.

Internships/Co-Op Programs

See the following Web pages for more information:

  • Internships
  • Co-op Program