NameTitleLocationPhone NumberEmail
Alexa BakalarskiProgram Coordinator, Professional InstituteRoom 707A, IS Building412-383-0862Email
Mackenzie BallDirector of Outreach and Alumni Engagement5815 Sennott Square412-624-8422Email
Brandi L BelleauDirector of Academic RecordsRoom 504, IS Building412-648-3108Email
Sharon BindasDirector of Human Resources and AdministrationRoom 513, IS Building412-624-5129Email
Donald M. BonidieDirector of Business and Finance; Lecturer6141 Sennott Square412-624-8433Email
Sean BridgenDirector of AdvisingRoom 720B, IS Building412-648-5372Email
Kristin BushmanSoftware Developer for the ADMT Lab6412 Sennott Square412-624-8850Email
Ashley ChristophersonUndergraduate Academic AdvisorRoom 722, IS Building412-383-5784Email
Trudy ClarkSenior Research Administrator6127 Sennott Square412-383-3274Email
Debbie DayProgram Administrator, ICDSRoom 605D, IS Building412-624-9420Email
Rachel HamillaUndergraduate Academic AdvisorRoom 720B, IS Building412-383-0646Email
Adam C. HobaughTech Coordinator6211 Sennott Square412-624-8835Email
Richard HoffDirector of Research Resource Development5113 Sennott Square412-383-0656Email
Robert B. HoffmanDirector of Operations6205 Sennott Square412-624-8404Email
Corey JamesFinancial Aid CoordinatorRoom 520, IS Building412-624-9388Email
Ninette KayAdmissions CoordinatorRoom 506, IS Building412-624-5146Email
Rachel KellyDirector of Marketing and CommunicationsRoom 519, IS Building412-624-3257Email
Sung-Min KimDatabase Systems AdministratorRoom 603, IS Building412-383-8091Email
Ashley KoskoAcademic Records CoordinatorRoom 500B IS Building412-624-5117Email
Jeff LawsonDirector of Community and Resource DevelopmentRoom 509, IS Building412-648-9739Email
Matheus de Lima BarbosaSystems Administrator6309 Sennott Square412-624-8834Email
Wesley LipschultzDirector of Student ServicesRoom 503, IS Building412-624-9749Email
Carolyn LoetherAdministrative SupportRoom 605B, IS Building412-624-5955Email
Pat MarkhamDepartment Coordinator, DINSRoom 706, IS Building412-383-3480Email
Trudy Newring EvansBudget & Payroll SpecialistRoom 517, IS Building412-624-5239Email
Oana Nicola-StephanExecutive Assistant to the DeanRoom 516, IS Building412-383-0657Email
Shabana RezaEnrollment ManagerRoom 510, IS Building412-624-3988Email
Danielle RichardsonUndergraduate Academic AdvisorRoom 720, IS Building412-383-5783Email
Jace SchivinsSystems AnalystRoom 801, IS Building412-624-7374Email
Kelly ShafferDepartment Manager, DINSRoom 717, IS Building412-624-9473Email
Olena SherbininData ArchitectRoom 512, IS Building412-624-9451Email
Don ShieldsAssociate Dean for External Relations5401 Sennott Square412-624-8120Email
Alka SinghDirector of Experiential LearningRoom 507, IS Building412-624-0879Email
Mark SteggertManager, Information Technology & NetworkingRoom 811, IS Building412-624-5168Email
Terri TaylorDirector of Development123 Park Plaza412-383-4517Email
Michele L. ThomasISP Coordinator6129 Sennott Square412-624-5755Email
Keena M. WalkerDepartment and Graduate Support Administrator6117 Sennott Square412-624-8495Email
Marcy WallsAdministrative SecretaryRoom 500, IS Building412-624-9458Email
Alex WeberAcademic AdministratorRoom 505, IS Building412-383-0648Email
Jennifer WeltonDirector of Corporate Relations5111 Sennott Square412-624-8415Email
Susan WilliamsContracts & Grants AdministratorRoom 518, IS Building412-624-9424Email
Kristine PuglieseAcademic AdvisorRoom 619, IS Building412-624-5820